Kristian Beck Jensen

Name: Kristian Beck Jensen
Age: 32
Nationality: Jutlander
Job: Cook/Service employee

Relation to Design School Kolding: My workplace

What inspires me? Everything. I cannot go for a walk and not think about food. If I go for a walk in the forest and see a cool tree, I immediately think of how I could incorporate it in my cooking. Can you eat moss? Yes you can – and then I start experimenting.

What interests me professionally at the moment? Food is the only thing on my mind.

My dream assignment and why? I wouldn’t call it an assignment. It’s rather a dream, a professional dream, and that is to cook honest food. You see, I have the women of my dreams, the son of my dreams, the car of my dreams…I don’t have the dog of my dreams yet – a Golden Retriever. And then I love to hunt; my dream is to hunt even more. My great hunting dream is to bring down a bear using a bow and arrow.

Why did you choose Design School Kolding? Because it fits perfectly with my life and that of my family.

What is good design? Good design should have a story and a purpose. I don’t care much for a beautifully designed chair if it isn’t comfortable. I feel the same way about Global knives. Everyone has them because they look nice but they are not nice to use. The PH lamp is great design. The lighting is great, it’s beautiful and it doesn’t blind you. I like that one.