ECCO sends student off to the USA

Student receives scholarship from ECCO

2015 had only just ended when Dea-Marcela learned that ECCO is awarding her a scholarship of DKK 10,000. Now she is leaving for Portland

-This is a huge opportunity. The scholarship will cover a lot of the expenses of going abroad, says a very grateful Dea-Marcela Tuns.

Dea-Marcela will use the money to buy a ticket for the USA where she will be joining a special course at the American PENSOLE Shoe Design Academy in Portland. However, it is not all about the money. Dea feels honoured that a company such as ECCO wants to help a student like herself, she says.

Last autumn, Dea-Marcela participated in a masterclass hosted by Design School Kolding and run by esteemed Shoe Designer D’Wayne Edwards, and the class has strengthened her belief that the textile industry and the shoe industry go hand in hand.

–The industries inspire and use each other far more than they used to. The shoe industry knows all about new textiles and new material technologies, says Dea-Marcela, and adds that the stay at PENSOLE will allow her to work with the things she is most passionate about: textiles and trends.

Dea-Marcela hopes that forming new relationships will give her a strong network that will help her in her future job search.

-Experiences open new doors to us, she ends.

PENSOLE is founded by D’Wayne Edwards, one of the world’s leading shoe designers. He is also the man responsible for designing basketball legend Michael Jordan’s ”Air Jordan”. In recent years he has been a regular guest teacher at Design School Kolding.