Election time is reflection time

Rector wishes everyone a great summer and reflects on the role of Design School Kolding.

Denmark has a new government platform that focuses on health, the elderly, dementia, renewable energy, more private jobs, and a Denmark that is balanced. Other key topics are improved productivity in the public sector and increased export.

With this platform the government strikes a tone that is well in tune with Design School Kolding’s strategic focal areas, which are sustainability and design, welfare and design, and play and design. Design can be an important driver for our future welfare society and also support economic growth, which makes us able to afford welfare. Recently, the Region of Southern Denmark published a report on the significance of design in small and medium-sized companies.

The government emphasises the importance of linking education and research to practice. In this area as well, Design School Kolding has a great deal to offer given that we complete half our design projects in collaboration with the surrounding society. We also anticipate that our international activities, including outposts in Shanghai and – most recently – Sao Paolo, will support trade and industry in terms of outsourcing and export. Our graduates are deeply rooted in the Danish design tradition and also have a strong international foundation.

Thanks to a significant focus on design within the Region of Southern Denmark, Kolding Municipality, and a large number of companies, we at Design School Kolding detect an increased interest in what we do. We hope that the coming years will allow us to do even more to ensure growth and development through the use of design. In all of Denmark. Together with domestic and international partners.

Thank you to our staff, collaborating partners, students and graduates for a great academic year 2014-15.

Don’t miss our graduation exhibition at Koldinghus! A great experience awaits, I promise you.

Have a nice summer.

Elsebeth Gerner Nielsen
Rector, Design School Kolding