'Framed' by Frame

Three students from Design School Kolding in the latest issue of Frame Magazine

In their latest issue, the recognized Dutch magazine Frame, known for highlighting the top places, products and designers, runs an article about a BA project from Design School Kolding.

Three students, Bjørn Karman from Communication Design, Kristine Boesen from Textile Design, and Julie Hells Eriksen from Fashion Design have asked the question: How do we create a stronger connection to the items we buy?

The answer is Abstract – an interactive homepage that allows users to design clothes, which reflect their personality. Based on webcam recordings of words and facial expressions the individual designs his or her own story. An algorithm transforms data into patterns that are transferred onto the selected garments, which you can then purchase in the webshop.

Abstract has attracted a great deal of attention at exhibitions, on Designboom, and most recently, as you now know, on page 48 in Frame Magazine.