Fresh eyes on the Design School

A record number of international students applied to Design School Kolding in 2015.

Foreign students have eyes for Design School Kolding: during recent years, the number of applicants soared, peaking this year with 102 students applying to the school’s MA programme – 29 more than last year. That equals a 28.4 percent increase.

Applications came in from around the globe: from Brazil to Russia, China and Canada. A total of 31 different nationalities have filled in the documents, including efforts from Nepal, The Philippines and Iran.

Applicants’ motivations are many and varied. Design School Kolding ranks in the top 50 of European design academies and the world still takes a huge interest in Danish design.

– I applied to your school because I admire Danish art handicrafts and design, stated one applicant in their motivation.

Rector EGN is delighted at the increase in interest:

- We look forward to welcoming that many international MA students. Their presence will definitely be a positive influence on the school and the education. Design knows no boundaries. On the contrary. The best design education and the best design ideas come from cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary collaboration. We see that all the time and it is something which we cultivate: via student and teacher exchange programmes, study programmes and internships abroad, and not least via our annual international design camp where companies, various professions, students and stakeholders from around the world gather to solve common challenges. Companies need people who know the world and this is what we train at Design School Kolding.

The difficult selection process is now over, and Design School Kolding welcomes 74 talented MA students from nearly every part of the world on August 31st.