The future is now

What if we look to the future to solve the problems of ‘the here and now’? What if we realise, we are not moving into our desired outcomes because we have been asking the wrong questions all along?

With digitalisation and Industry 4.0 as its theme, Design School Kolding’s international DesignCamp2020 is ready to launch.

The Camp will explore through speculative design and design fiction how new technologies such as e.g. robotics, sensors, cyber security and data tracking can enable alternative resilient futures that respond to the pressing issues of our current realities.

Together, 75 MA students and four invited companies, Re-circle Hub, Leap Technology Aps, Nord Modules A/S and Danish Wind Power Academy Aps, will develop near-future scenarios of company technologies based on Design for Planet, Design for People and Design for Play, which represents Design School Kolding's strategic focus areas and relates to the UN Global Goals.

The purpose of the scenarios is not to limit ourselves by what seems possible, and to widen the sense of imaginable futures by creating them together.

The DesignCamp2020 takes place 27 January – 7 February at Design School Kolding. It is supported by the innovation network D2i - Design to innovate.

About the DesignCamp
Since 2009, Design School Kolding’s DesignCamp has evolved into an internationally recognised development platform creating design concepts for the creation of new and innovative design concepts. For two weeks the Camp joins Danish and international MA students, companies, designers, researchers and others with an interest in design around an intense design process, which results in concrete solutions to real challenges.