Goodbye and thank you

53 students now have the title Designer MA. Until 9 August they will be exhibiting their graduation projects which have been completed in collaboration with no less than 93 partners.

The students have a challenge. For five years they sew stiches in their wings and when they tie the final knot, they will know how and how much to flap their wings before they can fly. The designers are headed for the real world. They are headed for the job market and they have to turn their talents into a living.

This year, 53 graduates say their goodbyes with an amazing exhibition at the Museum Koldinghus. For months they have worked to finish their projects and on Tuesday 9 June, families, friends, teachers and staff were invited to a get a glimpse of their work process and final product.

On this occassion Design School Kolding has published a paper in the form of an insert in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten where we zoom in on a selection of graduation projects to show that design is about more than nice lamps and fancy fashion. Design is also about presenting healthy foods at the supermarket, a campaign about online fencing, and activated charcoal that absorbs harmful substances.

93 partners
Once again, the students were required to complete their project in collaboration with a company, a public authority, or an organisation and many of the designers chose not one but several partners. No less than 93 partners have been involved, including Kolding Municipality, TREFOR, The Southern Jutland Police Department, The Danish Cancer Society, Coop Denmark, Kopenhagen Fur, ECCO, Gabriel Textiles, Ældre Sagen and Den Gamle By – The Old Town – in Aarhus.

The exhibition is open until 9 August at the Museum Koldinghus and on our website you can get a little preview. Go to News and read about the talented new designers.