Great Recognition of Design Venture

Design School Kolding will enter into an even stronger collaboration

As of the turn of the New Year, Design School Kolding's partner D2i – Design to Innovate – will receive new blood, when Danish Design Center relocates to its premises at Pakhuset at Kolding Harbour. A constructive initiative of incorporating design into regional companies has turned Denmark's national design centre's attention to Southern Denmark, and it has invited D2i to join them. That has definitely aroused the enthusiasm of Thit Juul Madsen, CEO of D2i.

-From being part of a regional system, we will now become part of a national system. It's the best thing that could happen to D2i and to the entire design ecosystem we're part of. It offers opportunities to create and support even more growth in companies through design at the national level, she says.

Strong collaboration becomes even stronger
Since the beginning of 2011, Design School Kolding has worked closely with D2i and has organised design courses for small and medium-sized companies in the region of Southern Denmark. More than 900 companies have participated in one or more design courses at Design School Kolding and have gained insight into how design can be used to create growth. The new initiative will be of great importance to Design School Kolding who will now be able to continue putting design on the map – with an even stronger partnership.

-It is a good day for Design School Kolding, which will have an even stronger partner. The school will continue to provide research to us, and at the same time DSKD will have the opportunity to work in all the areas that fall under the Danish Design Center, says Thit Juul Madsen.

Thit Juul Madsen will continue as CEO of D2i until the end of the year, after which she will assume the role of head of the Danish Design Center's overall efforts for small and medium-sized Danish companies.

D2i was founded eight years ago on the basis of a business policy initiative to apply design in order to transform the Danish business community into becoming more innovative. Design School Kolding has been a partner from the outset.

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