International jewellery designer at Design School Kolding

"Body as Space” was the headline of the lecture recently held at Design School Kolding by the recognized jewellery designer Naomi Filmer.

There was a full house when Naomi Filmer on Wednesday 1 October told students in fashion, textile and accessory design about her untraditional and experimental work with jewellery design. Under the headline “Body as Space”, Naomi Filmer showed examples of her jewellery design and the angles she works from. A work in which the body is very much in focus.

- I work critically with what jewellery is and can. I especially use the body as a catalyst for my design. The relationship between a piece of jewellery and the person wearing it is interesting to me. Who is wearing what? What happens in the meeting between jewellery and the person wearing it? And what kind of emotions and experiences emerge in this meeting? These are questions, Naomi Filmer told the audience, that she asks herself in her work.

About Naomi Filmer
Naomi Filmer is educated from the Royal College of Art in London. She exhibits internationally and is a highly sought-after lecturer. Naomi Filmer teaches at Central Saint Martins in London, London College of Fashion and at Haute Ecole dÁrt et Design in Geneva, Switzerland. She has previously worked with designers Alexander McQueen and Hussein Chalayan as well as the jewellery company Swarowski. Design School Kolding also collaborates with the latter. The school has a small workshop where students can work with the company’s specialised products.

The lecture was arranged by Accessory Design at Design School Kolding.