International nomination

REMIX nominates Louisa Reinholdt from Design School Kolding for international design award

One of the finalists for this year’s international design award REMIX is trained at Design School Kolding. Louisa Reinholdt graduated from Design School Kolding’s textile programme in 2015, and with this nomination she is well on her way to making a name for herself.

In fashion magazine IN Louisa Reinholdt states:

- I have chosen to work with sealskin because I think it has a lot of potential. It’s a beautiful material that I think the fashion industry has not yet fully explored.

The REMIX design award The REMIX design award was launched in 2003 to give future designers the opportunity to develop and experiment with fur. The competition is an ideal platform for upcoming designers to show their innovative designs to an international audience.

Due to the international exposure, the competition is a great way to build relationships within the industry. In addition to the prestigious award, the three winners will receive a photo shoot with Italian Vogue and a collaboration with leading designers.

The final selection takes place on 3 March when each designer presents three looks under the headline ”the talents’ greenhouse” focusing on nature’s materials and fur.