LAB publishes recommendations about welfare technology

Welfare technology is, especially by politicians, named as the solution to the future challenges of the welfare sector: more senior citizens, fewer hands, and more money. However, the people who work with the technology have a different experience; they don't see the light. The technology is not working and the objective is fluttering.

These are some of the observations made by the Design School Kolding Lab for Social Design during its two years of focusing on welfare technology. 

In order to make things easier for those recommending and working with welfare technology, the Lab has published a report in Danish: ”11 anbefalinger til jer, der skal i gang med velfærdsteknologi”.

- Two years of working with welfare technology has shown us that the potential is enormous; but so are the hurdles and the pitfalls. So we wanted to collect our knowledge in a series of recommendations aimed at practitioners, at politicians and planners, says Head of Development and Procrector Mette Mikkelsen.

Challenges, experiences and successes
The reports tells of difficulties and successes. Of barriers and possibilities; of radical and incremental innovation. It passes on the experiences of company leaders, researchers, experts and analysts.

Help to help yourself
Also, the report contains a series of articles on design methods which will support your process of implementing welfare technology.