Learning through materials

New PhD project zooms in on design students' approach to materials

In her PhD project ‘Learning through Materials’ Karen Marie Hasling explores something as essential as materials science and how Design School Kolding and TU Delft address this subject. On Friday 2 October, she defended her project.

Based on the school curriculums and learning environments, Karen Marie Hasling sheds light on how design students approach materials in their design practice and based on this she proposes modified teaching structures that can accommodate a stronger focus on materials based on both physical and experiential means to understanding materials.

The goal is to support students in ‘accessing materials’, ‘translating materials’ and ‘approaching materials’ and to strengthen material choices for sustainable product design through methods and tools for reflection and structure.

Professor Peter Gall Krogh from Aarhus School of Architecture and chairman of the assessment committee commended Karen Marie Hasling for her contribution:

-Karen Marie Hasling looks at the core competences of designers and tries to say something new about them.

On the committee was also Associate Professor at NTNU Martina Keitsch. She referred to the project as ”well-presented” and the topic as ”quite important”. Also on the committee was Professor Michael Tovey from Coventry University.