A logo around the neck

Former student has created a design based on Design School Kolding’s logo. The result: multiple colourful silk scarfs.

The designer’s name is Sky Lucy Young. In total she has created 50 exclusive scarfs, which the school uses to give to official guests. And exclusive is definitely the correct decription. Each scarf is handmade from start to finish and printed using an old printing technique that involves a frame and colour corrosion.

- Each scarf takes hours to make and multiple processes. The processes I can somewhat control. However, the corrosion part affects the print in ways I cannot anticipate, the young designer says. The result is visible when each scarf has been steamed, rinsed and dried. Indeed this is one of the most important elements of Sky’s approach to textiles: the balance between chance and control. This is where the difference between the handmade and the industrial becomes evident, she believes.

- In industrial production, random is considered flawed. I think the ”flaws” underline the craftsmanship and emphasise the uniqueness and exclusiveness of the scarfs, Sky explains. She hopes the scarfs will draw attention to the powerful heritage of Danish Design that Design School Kolding has carried on for years. A heritage that we need to protect at a time when craftsmanship is continually challenged.

Sky has a BA degree in Textile Design from Design School Kolding and works at Épice in Copenhagen.