Many applicants for
Design School Kolding’s new MA programme

Design School Kolding has redesigned its MA programme – and the new education is popular with a record-number of applicants.

A total of 227 have applied for the programme. Last year the number was 145. And at a time when more and more students focus their attention on the big cities, this is a positive result.

People, Planet, Play
The new MA programme offers a cross-disciplinary specialization in either People, Planet or Play and offers professional sparring and supervision within the professional clusters: Fashion Design, Textile Design, Industrial Design, Communication Design or Accessory Design.

”The new structure will enable us, to an even larger extent, to educate designers with in-depth professional knowledge and broad skills who can collaborate across disciplines. Designers who are able to come up with new solutions to complex problems that relate to people and climate,” says Eva Kappel, Head of Education at Design School Kolding.

Combining studies and worklife
But it is not just the content of the programme that has something new to offer. Design School Kolding will also be offering the Master’s degree as a four-year part-time programme for students in the workforce. The curriculum is identical to the regular two-year Master's degree programmes in the various design disciplines but extends over four years. The new programme allows students to receive an education while working at least 25 hours a week in a company or public organisation. Thus, they will be able to continuously connect what they learn to their current work in a completely new fashion, and the business community has a better opportunity to recruit a highly qualified and, not least, specialised workforce.

There are 60 spots available and beginning of June, the many applicants will be informed of whether they have made the programme. Students will be accepted based on their talent and motivation and on whether they have a relevant degree (BA or equivalent).