Many types of Master’s students

When Design School Kolding hosts its annual open house event on 30 January, we hope to see students from other institutions and programmes who want to learn about our three MA programmes

-If you’re looking to expand your field of competences professionally, innovatively and creatively, Design School Kolding is a great place to build on your BA degree. You’re expected to take control and create innovation, says Liv Lindberg, who is currently completing an MA in Design for People - Industrial Design at Design School Kolding.

Liv Lindberg achieved her BA degree at VIA Design and Business in Herning but decided to continue her studies in Kolding in order to expand her design competences:

-I’m very interested in welfare design because it’s an area that holds a great potential for innovation. I want a job that’s versatile where I’m able to use my creative design skills while making a visible and concrete impact on the world around me, she explains.

Knowledge variation
Liv Lindberg is not alone. At Design School Kolding we welcome all types of applicants because it helps create that diverse environment that we want to have, both professionally and socially, explains Prorector Lone Dalsgaard André:

-First and foremost we want our own BA graduates to continue their studies with us, of course. However, we also like to see applicants with other relevant BA degrees. They are able to contribute other types of knowledge and this enriches our overall knowledge environment, she says.

She adds that at last year’s open house event we saw a great deal of interest in the three new MA programmes, Design for Planet, Design for People and Design for Play. Therefore Lone Dalsgaard André hopes that many new curious visitors will take this opportunity to experience Design School Kolding from within before the application deadline, which is 1 March 2019.

In the Design for Play programme there is a student with an alternative background as well, namely Nanna Amalie Dahl who is a trained Kaospilot.

-During my studies at the Kaospilots (Kaospilot is a hybrid business and design school, a multi-sided education in leadership and entrepreneurship, red.), I was intrigued by how you can use play as a resource. But it was hard to find knowledge and networks that didn’t just focus on children. So when I learned that Design School Kolding was setting up a programme in Design for Play, I decided to apply. I have had to adjust to the fact that the students who are trained here have better craftsmanship skills than I do. This gives them a small headstart. However, in return, I bring lots of knowledge about strategy and processes to the table. We’re several people with different backgrounds, foreign students as well, so that makes for an interesting mix, Nanna Amalie Dahl ends.

The Open House event takes place at Design School Kolding on 30 January 10am – 5pm.