Marie's Jewellery is Worthy of a Queen

In 2017 Marie Rimmen completed her Bachelor's degree in Accessory Design at Design School Kolding. Today, just two years later, she has been nominated for the prestigious Skt. Loye Award.

On September 26, Marie Rimmen will be one of only three finalists at the presentation of the Skt. Loye Award at Christiansborg Castle. The three jewellery designers were selected among 12 semi-finalists at the exhibition, the Jewellery of Power, at Koldinghus in 2018. The selection included a work grant which the nominees could use to create jewellery for the final. The theme of the final round of the competition is Worthy of a Queen – Master, Patron and Monarch – a phrase that hints at world-class glamour.

Innovation paved the way to the final
Marie Rimmens' path to a place on the podium has gone through two years of intensive preparation. At Koldinghus, Marie Rimmen challenged her competitors with two brooches. One, the Reverse of Power, was made of oxidized silver which was assembled with small gold nails. Marie had designed the industrial aesthetics that were key to reaching the final. Her background as a goldsmith and her Bachelor's degree in Accessory Design helped her to dare to innovate.

- The starting point of my work is professional techniques, and I am fascinated, among other things, by small mechanisms, she says.

For the final Marie Rimmen has prepared a number of necklaces under the heading, Queen of the Night. The six-person jury includes Margrethe Vestager and Bjørn Nørgaard. The last time the prize was awarded was in 2015. The presentation is therefore a rare event.

On the way to becoming a brand
Marie Rimmen completed her training as a goldsmith in 2014, after which she studied Accessory Design at Design School Kolding. She has subsequently cultivated her talent at a jewellery shop cum workshop in the centre of Copenhagen. Here she designs everything from wedding rings to brooches and earrings. Marie Rimmen is also an inspiring teacher at Gitte Bjørn's jewellery workshop. The jewellery that has been selected for the final of the Skt. Loye Award will be on display at the Queen’s Library at Christiansborg Castle from 27 September to 15 December, 2019, at which time, the event, the City of Jewellery, will be launched as well. The public is invited to experience special exhibitions and visit jewellery workshops.

Diana Holstein, jewellery designer and Master of the Guild Thomas Thulstrup, Curator of the Museums at Rosenborg and Amalienborg Castles (former curator at Koldinghus)
Margrethe Vestager, European Commissioner for Competition and a candidate for the position as Executive Vice President of the EU Commission
Bjørn Nørgaard, sculptor and artist Lone Løvschal, silversmith and Member of the Board of Directors
Christine Bukkehave, goldsmith and winner of the Skt. Loye Award 2015

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