Masterclass: 2015 iPENSOLE

PENSOLE Footwear Design Academy will hold their first international Masterclass at Design School Kolding sponsored by ECCO.

The 2015 iPENSOLE Masterclass takes place 12 October - 11 November at Design School Kolding and is a hands-on 5 week programme, pairing aspiring footwear designers with projects from ECCO to create new designs from idea to finished design concept.

Students will visit ECCO’s headquarters and learn from professionals ranging from design directors, designers, developers, engineers, and PENSOLE’s staff—all willing to share knowledge to help inspire, guide and challenge you to reach your creative potential.

In partnership with CUMULUS, International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design, and Media, Design School Kolding and PENSOLE Footwear Design Academy will offer up to 4 scholarships to students from around the world. Students receiving a scholarship will learn with Design School Kolding students.

Download pdf with description and application details.