Meet Jasper Ryan

Jasper Ryan, Australian student at the DesignCamp2015. Read his reflections on the camp, design, social innovation and the future

School: University of Technology Sydney
Line of study + year: 2nd year Bachelor of Civil Engineering combined with Bachelor of Creative Intelligence & Innovation
Nationality: Australian

Use five words to describe the Camp experience
"Party". Social. Creative. Diverse. Barnabas (teacher ed.).

Why are you here?
I'm incredibly passionate about social innovation (to me that's innovation for a good cause), and that seems to be the fundamental element of this design camp.

What has been your biggest learning experience in the DesignCamp so far?
That diverse group work with people from different countries, ages and disciplines can be incredibly complex but when it works the results can be outstanding.

How do you think that you or designers in general can contribute to social innovation?
I think that design thinking is a brilliant way to address the more fearsome problems of the 21st century and that design thinking will become more and more important over the next few decades. Most designers I've met are also good at contributing humour and quirkiness to the creating process which I believe can be extremely powerful with social innovation.

Generally, what inspires you?
I'm inspired by the people who are bizarre, passionate and creatively intelligent. Regardless of what they do they love it and they do it well, whether it be about solving climate change or designing the next batch of exciting shoe laces.

What has caught your professional attention at the moment?
After this design camp I've become a lot more passionate about the possibilities of design, I may focus on developing some of those skills to enable myself to create more freely.

What would be your ideal job – and why?
My ideal job would be one that offers new challenges every day. One that involves travelling to various locations and meeting many strange people. I'm not entirely sure what that job is and if it is more than one.