Men's collection embraces the pride of imperfection

Frederik Ingvorsen’s men's collection is a spotted, yet ultra-elegant revolt against the correct business look.

”You have been to a party. Nicely dressed. During the evening you have spilt some red wine on your white shirt and the seam of your trousers burst when you were showing off your fancy dance moves. Unwittingly you dropped the midnight snack on your trousers and shoes. The next morning you wake up in a strange bed. You have slept with all your clothes on, your shirt is wrinkled. You hurry out the door; on the way you tear the lining of your jacket.”

”In my graduation project from Design School Kolding my aim has been to bring the traditional male universe down to earth; work with a more humorous narrative; reinterpret the norms into something less serious; trash the clothes, embrace the concept of imperfection.”

“Many of my styles have a lot of volume. They all tell a story of sneaking home from town in the early morning hours. You don’t want to be seen; everyone can see what you have been up to. Therefore you can hide a little in the clothes.”

“It was quite a nerve-wracking process. I had to sew many of the clothes before I destroyed them again: All the tears, all the red wine stains were added after a style had been completed. I like the fact that you prolong the design process, extend it. But it requires risk taking. To a certain extent it’s hit or miss every time you grab the scissors and cut a hole.”

“Something new is happening in the field of men’s fashion. I also wanted to do something different, test some boundaries. I hope to contribute to the on-going conversation about how men are actually dressed.”

“I work primarily on the body and on a dress form. When you are draping and deconstructing you relate differently to the body that is going to wear the clothes. You create something directly, hands-on. This way of working incorporates a very playful element.”