Minister of culture introduces an ’a-ha’

A Danish dough whisk, a blue jumper and mobile pay are among the displays at Design School Koldings 50th anniversary exhibition, to be opened by minister of culture Mette Bock

There’s likely to be a few ’a-ha – so that’s design too?’s when minister of culture Mette Bock and the guests view the just under 100 items in the Beyond Icons exhibition. And that’s the idea.

The Beyond Icons exhibition coincides with Design School Kolding’s 50th anniversary – not only as a celebration of design through 50 years but to give a fresh perspective on design. Design is much more than icons on glittering magazine covers. Design is also a discipline that involves users to create solutions to their challenges.

This will be evident when minister of culture Mette Bock cuts the ribbon on June 1st in Koldinghus’ spectacular Ruin Hall.

Guest curators
In honour of the occasion, Design School Kolding have worked closely with Koldinghus to point out 50 Danish and international designers, politicians, artists, scientists and business people and asked them to identify designs that make a difference – either to people, the environment or to an industry – often unnoticed.

Architect and TV personality Ane Cortzen nominated the blue bicycle paths – known as Copenhagen Lanes abroad - for being an ’excellent example of succesful design that fulfills a demand without making undue noise’.

Professor of Psychology Svend Brinkmann chose the indestructible bubble-patterned jumper from manufacturer SNS in his native Herning.

Grundfos CEO Mads Nipper picked Mobile Pay because of ’its profound understanding and insight into the entire concept of payment and the pain points people have around it’.

The 50 guest curators’ choices are put in perspective by the fresh designers, whom will be graduating from the Design School this summer. The exhibition also includes around fifty projects that showcase the latest class’ perspective on design.

Exhibition facts

Exhibition title: BEYOND ICONS New perspectives in design
Venue: Koldinghus Museum Exhibited in honour of the occasion of Design School Kolding’s 50th anniversary
Opening June 1st and exhibiting in the Ruin Hall at Koldinghus from June 2 till October 22, 2017.

Among the guest curators are EU Commissioner Margrethe Vestager, Member of Parliament Mattias Tesfaye, Jesper Buch, the man behind Justeat, TV host Shane Bronx, Mayor Jørn Pedersen, Christian Stadil, Hummel, Mads Nørgaard, designer, Karen Hækkerup, CEO, Danish Agriculture and Food Council, Connie Hedegaard, former EU Commissioner, Sebastian Conran, English designer, Karen Grøn, head of Trapholt art museum, Tulga Beyerle, CEO, Kunstgewerbemuseum Dresden