New classics in the making

Design project between Coop and Design School Kolding put into production

This fall you will find new designs from Design School Kolding’s new designers among the FDB classics sold in Coop stores.

In 2013, Coop successfully relaunched the famous FDB furniture series. Elsebeth Gerner, Rector at Design School Kolding, felt that Coop needed new, fresh designers to further develop FDB’s future design story. Ole Kiel, category group manager at Coop and responsible for the FDB furniture, agreed, and thus began a design development project between the two organisations.

- We cannot live off our old treasures. Therefore, we want to give new designers the opportunity to design, and we have entered a collaboration with Design School Kolding, says Ole Kiel, category group manager at Coop and responsible for FDB furniture to

Design School Kolding found two talented designers to help renew FDB’s line of classics: Textile Designer Gitte Lægård and Furniture Designer Stine Weigelt from Design School Kolding. Design School Kolding have offered guidance to the young designers throughout the project.

The Enkel line revisited
This fall, one of the projects will be put into production. Gitte Lægaard has revisited Coop’s Enkel line and designed a series of kitchen textiles to match the line. Coop does not usually design textiles but the young Kolding designer has managed to create a collection that refers to the Coop collective.

- As opposed to the furniture, Coop does not have a long-standing tradition for making textiles, so I found my inspiration in the old posters. I have studied their graphic elements and what makes them enjoyable to look at, still. You see, I want my design to last just as long, Gitte Lægård says.

Furniture Designer Stine Weigelt’s multifunctional chair has been put into production and is expected in stores at the end of the year.

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