Peter’s bicycle revolution

Peter Barker, Head of Industrial Design, behind revolutionary bicycle design

Recently, Head of Industrial Design at Design School Kolding, Peter Barker, had the pleasure of seeing his own bicycle design exhibited at the Design Museum in London.

Together with design icon Alex Moulton he designed the off road bike AM ATB back in 1988, which was the first off road bike to have full suspension front and rear and the only one to be separable into two halves for ease of transport. The AM ATB had a limited production run but it continues to inspire the design of off road bicycles today.

Peter Barker has this to say about the collaboration:

- Working with Alex Moulton was a privilege and also very daunting for me. The man was a legend, one of England’s best engineering designers at that time.

The exhibition runs until June 2016 and charts the history of the bicycle from the Rover Safety Bicycle of 1888 to today.


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