Rector writes about

 an irresistible green transition

An all new green handbook has been published. The handbook Grøn Lov og Praksis (Green Law and Practice) is a practical guide for companies on how to successfully and effectively incorporate sustainability.

In the book a number of experts present their suggestions for how to match a green profile with a competitive strategy - and one of the experts is Design School Kolding's rector Elsebeth Gerner Nielsen. She believes that the green message should be a much more attractive choice for the end user; and designers can make this happen:

“The number one challenge in terms of green transition is not money or technique but mindset. Users must be nudged into wanting what we are able to do technically! We must focus on making it meaningful for end users to take part in the green transition. That's what design and designers can help us achieve," Elsebeth Gerner Nielsen says in the introduction for her article 'Green design'.

The article is available for download (in Danish) and is included in the handbook Grøn Lov og Praksis (Green Law and Practice) published by Forlaget Andersen. The handbook is targeted at public and private executives and can be purchased via the publishing house website or by mailing directly to