So long Shanghai

Students said a special goodbye to the Chinese city

For one month, 37 students from Design School Kolding have worked with students from College of Design and Innovation at Tongji University in Shanghai. Across cultures and nationalities they have completed three courses: ‘Design for Urban Mobility & Sustainability’, ‘Wearable Technology’ and ‘Smart City, Smart Community’.

In the course of four weeks the students have explored Shanghai’s diversity, established collaborations, and had an experience that will last them a lifetime, says Stephan Saaltink, Head of Communiction Design at Design School Kolding.

The results of the collaborations were presented on Friday 18 December. During their stay in China, the students from Denmark have practiced the ancient martial art form Tai Chi on several occasions guided by Master Victor Zhu. Therefore, the Chinese hosts were thrilled to see their guests demonstrate the culmination of their physical efforts at a show during the opening of the shared projects.

The exhibition is expected to arrive in Denmark next year.