A step into the future

A men’s shoe with a heel, an Olympic children’s shoe, a new interpretation of the familiar foot-shaped shoe. Students presented the shoes of tomorrow to ECCO and the vision to be true to one self.

- It’s not about the shoes, it’s about people. I’d rather that you leave here as better persons than better designers. We are best when we are together.

The motto is D’Wayne Edward’s – for five weeks he supervised and guided students in their design process. Speaking from the heart, Edwards first addressed the forty students who were getting ready to perform before a panel of designers from ECCO in ECCO’s hometown of Tønder.

- Today is your day. What matters is your effort. The result is less important. Own the stage, step forward, use the floor, be comfortable and be true to yourselves, Edwards said. Diversity Based on different needs, four groups of students presented variations of the same product, the shoe. And a lot of variations: one group presented a series of children’s shoes intended for the Olymic games in Tokyo in 2020. Another group focused on the young audience who does not mind sticking out. A third group challenged the urban look with gold, glitter and a tight architectural look. All aspects were challenged – from sketches and prototypes to personas and packaging.

A breath of fresh air
For ECCO CASUAL’s head of division Rudy J. Haslbeck the students’ presentations represented a fresh a breath air.

- To me personally this is an inspiration journey. The students have not been infected by the industry and don’t give to much thought to production, costs and whether the shoe is even possible. I find that refreshing. It is a motivating force that I can bring into the next collection.

This is Edward’s third visit to Design School Kolding to work with ECCO and the students. Accompanying him were two Pensole Academy colleagues: Academy Suzette Henry and Wichaya Chantarasamee.