A Tube of

 Engaging Danish Design

Design School Kolding talents team up with Danish design companies and present the The Tube exhibition in Milan.

The new Danish designers communicate, interact, and engage. They engage passive spectators to become active participants. They open up and invite you all the way into their workshops to become co-designers.
In collaboration with Danish companies Design School Kolding displays new designers’ suggestions for Danish Design 2014.

Seven young, talented designers all just graduated from Design School Kolding have been matched with seven Danish design companies to produce – in a unique collaboration – new design projects presented for the first time at the April design fair in Milan.

One of the designers is Alexander Muchenberger. The young interaction designer challenges the perception of the classic Danish chair and invites you to ‘co-design’ a chair. Danish Dynamite demonstrates, along with several of the exhibition projects, young designers’ ability to interact with users.

Like Signe Mårbjerg Thomsen. Together with ege carpets she has created Fabrication Fabulation which literally lifts the company to new dimensions with an almost floating piece of seating furniture that transforms depending on the number of people seated.

And Textile Designer Rosa Tolnov Clausen encourages everyone to become involved in the design process when she puts up a gigantic loom to frame her collaboration with Kvadrat. Everyone who passes by is invited to experiment with the ancient craft and co-design carpets.

The Tube exhibition consists of seven specially manufactured containers each containing a new product, an installation, or an experience that – apart from being cutting-edge Danish Design – holds an artistic dimension and a commercial potential. Design School Kolding will be presenting The Tube for the third year in a row. The exhibition concept is created by Curator Karen Kjærgaard.

The Tube is exhibited from 8-13 April 2014 in the exhibition zone Ventura Lambrate during Il Salone in Milan.

The exhibition is funded by Kolding Municipality, Danish Design and Architecture Initiative, The Ministry of Higher Education and Science, Innonet Lifestyle – Clothing & Interior, Kvist Industries, the Oticon Foundation, the Toyota Foundation, and the Augustinus Foundation.

Companies: Kvadrat, Capital of Children, ege carpets, Grundfos, Kopenhagen Fur - KICK, Danish Ornamentals and Danish Horticulture.

Designers: Alexander Muchenberger, Charlotte Bodil Hermansen, Chris Petter Spilde, Osmund Olsen, Rosa Tolnov Clausen, Sidsel Sørensen and Signe Mårbjerg Thomsen.