The Tube


Thousands of humming bees and a thermometer that showed 22 degrees Celsius. Milan was in an exceptionally pleasant mood when the Design School Kolding opened the newest edition of the Tube on 8 April.

It’s the third year in a row that Design School Kolding presents the exhibition concept The Tube at the annual design fair in Milan; showing seven all new projects that are in keeping with the concept of the exhibition and have an artistic dimension and a commercial potential.

And the projects impressed the many visitors: Designer Chris P. Spilde reinterprets the familiar story of love; inside a case a thin glass wall blocks 2000 living bees from flirting with the poisonous hydrangea. In Osmund Olsen’s Ciclo four futuristic rings circle inside a polished steel pipe demonstrating engineership that goes hand in hand with design.

The visitors have also welcomed the offer to interact with the young designers’ projects. Can a Room be a Loom? asks Rosa Tolnov Clausen. She has set up a loom that goes all the way from the floor to the ceiling. The answer is woven by the visitors day by day. Signe Maarbjerg Thomsen offers seating for up to three persons on ’the flying carpet’ which responds to the movements of the person sitting next to you. Sidsel Sørensen communicates at children’s level as she presents handmade drawings of the vision to create a capital for children. Charlotte Bodil Hermansen brings the spectators underwater. Surrounded by Sea Fur you float into a mood of relaxation. Not forgetting the noisiest of the projects, Danish Dynamite, sponsored by Alexander Muchenberger. Bring a catalogue and design your own chair using a bundle of round poles that Kvist Industries have produced for the exhibition.

The Tube is open from 8 – 13 April 2014 in the exhibition zone Ventura Lambrate during Il Salone in Milan.

The exhibition is funded by Kolding Municipality, Danish Design and Architecture Initiative, The Ministry for Higher Education, Innonet Lifestyle – Clothing & Interior, Kvist Industries, Oticon Foundation, Toyota Foundation and Augustinus Foundation.

Companies: Kvadrat, Capital of Children, ege, Grundfos, Kopenhagen Fur - KiCK, Danish Ornamentals and Danish Horticulture. Designers: Alexander Muchenberger, Charlotte Bodil Hermansen, Chris Petter Spilde, Osmund Olsen, Rosa Tolnov Clausen, Sidsel Sørensen and Signe Maarbjerg Thomsen.

Curator: Karen Kjærgaard.