The Tube part of major public event

Design School Kolding will be presenting exhibition at Denmark’s largest political event, Folkemødet, from 12-15 June

The Tube hardly returns from Milan before it ships off to Bornholm. To Havnegade in Allinge to be specific, where the seven containers will have a central location at what is referred to as Denmark’s largest political festival, Folklemødet.

In 2013 65,000 people participated in the four-day public event; and there’s nothing to indicate that people’s interest in the event is decreasing. Almost all the ministers, a large number of parliament members, more than 500 interest groups and all the leading media have announced their arrival.

The event offers a unique framework for Design School Kolding to present the scope of design as it is represented in The Tube in close interplay between young designers and leading companies.

The Tube will stand out. It will be a welcome contrast to the many events that will be dominated by words. The Tube is a place for seeing and sensing. Two designers will act as hosts: Nikolaj Lorenz Mentze will be in charge of a workshop about stools (note: in Danish the ministerial offices are referred to as stools) and Rosa Tolnov Clausen will install her loom and invite spectators in. Who knows perhaps the leaders of the major parties will sit down together and weave a political patchwork.

In charge of the school’s appearance at the event will be the school’s rector, Elsebeth Gerner Nielsen who has a long history in politics.

Hurry up if you want to be part of Folkemødet. There are only a few spots left.