Jess Uhre Rahbek

Design Consultant
Contact information
+ 45 61 33 61 22

Short bio

  • Game designer, M.Sc., IT University, 2010
  • Level designer, Zero Point Software, 2010-2011
  • Assistant Researcher, Knowledge Lab, SDU 2010-2013
    -Game related research and development projects
    -Teaching Game Design - External Lecturer, SDU 2013-2016 
    -Game Design Course 
    -Interaction Design Course 
    -Learning Theory Course 
  • Freelance Level Designer 2013-2016 
    -Interstellar Marines: Multiplayer
    -Interstellar Marines: Co-op Campaign 
    -Interstellar Marines: Wargames
  • Designer/Teacher, Designschool Kolding, 2016 
    -Teaching ‘design for play’
    -Planning and facilitating the ‘Play User Lab’ project with Capital of Children in Billund