Captures the Beauty of the Scenery to Share it with Others

Ólafur Haraldsson currently works in areas such as visual effects for movie and television productions and virtual reality production in various fields. He also teaches and shares his knowledge of design and photography. A large part of his work entails travelling to different places and capturing the scenery for others to enjoy. He also currently has a position as technical director at the Northern Lights Center, Aurora Reykjavík, where tourists and others can enjoy and learn about this natural phenomenon.

He often joins very specialized projects where complicated problems have to be solved, either in a short time frame, at a challenging location or in harsh environments.

Ólafur loves to travel for work, especially to unfamiliar or exotic places that allow him to capture the beauty of the scenery in order to share it with others who may now have a chance to see or access these locations.

Teaching is a driving force for him as well. – There are so many things one learns from the students; they give so much back and have amazing creativity when they are allowed to roam around the design or photography field on their own, he says.

His reason for choosing design and Design School Kolding is the creative freedom you get and learn to use when you become a designer. – There are so many different fields you can enter with this kind of education. There will always be a need for designers; designers are behind everything we use in our daily life and there are always such great opportunities for improvements in almost anything. Being able to design and work on something that allows you to improve how people use and experience things is absolutely fantastic. Design School Kolding was an obvious choice and should be for any budding designer. It is an internationally renowned school with excellent staff and consultants. The school has great ties to companies working in the field, which is an immensely valuable asset for up and coming designers, says Ólafur Haraldsson.

Selected projects:
NASA / frontline
2016: Virtual reality project about the melting of the glaciers in Greenland

Everest VR / sólfar / RVX
2016: Virtual reality experience allowing people to climb Mt. Everest

Aurora / Aurora Reykjavik
2015: Feature film about the Northern Lights of Iceland

Everest / Universal / RVX
2014-2015: Visual effects for the feature film ‘Everest’

Björk Black Lake / MOMA
2014: Music video installation at Museum of Modern Arts in New York

Passing Through / Ipower / DSKD
2012: Video experience making people aware of sustainability

Journey2: The Mysterious Island / Warner Bros
2010: Visual effects for the film, ‘Journey 2: The Mysterious Island’

360° Dome Production / Immersive Tech
2010: Dome production for Burning Man 2010

Timelapse Robot / Siggraph
2010: Featured and lectured about motion controlled time-lapse robot