DesignCamp 2015


Collaboration partners
Design School Kolding / D2i – Design to Innovate / The EU Social Fund / Syddansk Vækstforum / Trefor
Project management
Design School Kolding
August – October 2015
Designcamp / Social innovation / International / Collaboration
Participants from Design School Kolding
Laila Grøn Truelsen, Maja Lindstrøm Hansen, Barnabas Wetton, Anette Flinck, Karsten Bech, Léon Kranenburg (guest teacher)
LAB for Social Inclusion

Social innovation & Entrepreneurship


The international DesignCamp is an annual, recurring event at Design School Kolding. For two weeks, the camp joins Danish and international students, companies, designers, researchers and others with an interest in design in addressing a current challenge that relates to society. The topic is expounded through open conference days, real cases, and an intense design process that results in concrete design concepts based on the current topic.

DesignCamp2015 focused on design and entrepreneurship as drivers for social value creation. It centered social innovation and tuned in on how to use innovation to improve society and create social value. It explored the concept of social innovation, why we need to focus on it, and how to address it from a design professional and business perspective.

New solutions
Using a design-oriented and entrepreneurial approach, DesignCamp2015 set out to produce new ideas and concepts within a social economic context. Solutions that are based on a sense of social responsibility, build on companies’ existing resources and competences, and generate innovation and social value. The solutions were developed by 47 international students in collaboration with 11 regional companies: EasyFood, Kolding Havn, Mungo Park, Our Daily Heroes, Isabella Fortelte Danmark, Kolding Hotel Apartments, Lammhults Biblioteksdesign, MesseC, Nord Gourmet, Olino and Syddansk Kvæg.

We have collected insights and results from DesignCamp2015 in a digital publication that you can view in an ebook or pdf version (find the link at the bottom of the page).

DesignCamp2015 was organised in collaboration between Design School Kolding, D2i - Design to innovate, Syddansk Vækstforum, TREFOR and the EU Social Fund.


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