Sustainable Action & Entrepreneurship


Project type
Cross-disciplinary education project, DesignCamp2017, 4th year Danish and international students. Lab for Sustainability
9 - 22 January, 2017
Lykke Bloch Kjær, Project Manager and Head of Lab for Sustainability, Design School Kolding
Kolding Municipality, The City and Development Administration, Klima og Bæredygtighed (Climate and Sustainability), The Language School Kolding, the Nursery School Løvetand, the Brændkjær School, the Cultural Centre Nicolai, Rema 1000 Supermarket, Wheeley
Lykke Bloch Kjær, Barnabas Wetton, Laila Grøn Truelsen, Tobias Tøstesen, Leon Kranenburg, Marianne Baggesen Hilger and Katrine Worsøe
Design professional development work

DesignCamp2017 The Movie

DesignCamp2017 in words and images


Project problem
Since 2009 DesignCamp has been an annual cross-cultural event at Design School Kolding – an event that brings together Danish and international students, private companies, government agencies, designers, researchers and others interested in design, with the goal of addressing global challenges and solving common issues.

The goal/objective of the project
The goal of DesignCamp2017 is to become "DOers," addressing the challenges facing the world such as social inclusion, climate change and economic growth.

Project methods and outcomes
For two weeks, 54 Danish and international students collaborated across professions on approx. 13 different projects in an attempt to achieve sustainable progress in society. The outcomes were specific products, changes in habits and mindset and also new ways of communicating sustainable ways of living, eating, learning and transporting oneself. DesignCamp2017 made the students aware of the importance not only of generating ideas but also of generating actions. Based on observations and future scenarios for the creation of global, sustainable actions, the students created concrete projects that initiated meaningful sustainable changes focussing on people.

Project films

The student project films divided according to theme:





Implementation of design projects from DesignCamp2017


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