The Electric Car Travelling Squad


COWI, EVtest, Region Hovedstaden
Key Concepts
Electric cars, municipalities, fleet analysis, green transportation
Project Management
From Designschool Kolding
Mette Mikkelsen, Allan Schmidt

Driving electric cars is paying off

Two years of work to include more electric cars in the municipal fleet of cars is nearing completion, with positive results. Driving electric cars is paying off.

It makes absolutely sense to use electric cars when you know they can make a positive difference. Many consumers are still sceptical when it comes to the scope of electric cars. But in the case of cars in a municipal fleet, it is often easier to assess what the actual driving pattern will look like – and especially whether it will be possible to save money.

In 2013 Copenhagen Electric, the Capital Region’s Electric Vehicle Administration, called for bids to assist municipalities in the region to acquire more electric cars.

The consulting firm COWI won the bid in collaboration with the company EVtest and Design School Kolding. This constellation was also known as the Electric Vehicle Travelling Squad.

Over the last two years, the Electric Vehicle Travelling Squad has visited 15 municipalities, and the result has been surprisingly positive. COWI's calculations have shown a huge potential for savings in many municipalities. According to COWI’s analysis among 11 municipalities in the metropolitan area these municipalities can save on average close to DKK 160,000 and 29 tonnes of CO2 annually. Subsequently Gladsaxe and Rødovre municipalities have chosen to invest a great deal in converting their fleets to electrical power.

COWI has been in charge of the overall project management and has conducted detailed fleet analyses. The consulting company EVtest has contributed expert knowledge in the technical field and has provided the municipalities with substantial practical insight. Design School Kolding has helped facilitate workshops that have made the municipalities aware of the challenges they face and what actions should be taken in order to solidify the conversion process.