The Hospital of Southern Jutland, Aabenraa
From October 2014 until April 2015
Play, healing, reflection, movement, outdoor environment
Design School Kolding

Fristedet (The Sanctuary)

A creative collaboration between children, young people and therapists on the one hand, and architects and designers on the other hand.

With the project 'Fristedet' (The Sanctuary) at the Hospital of Southern Jutland in Aabenraa, the hospital together with Design School Kolding wants to develop outdoor environments that support the healing of sick children and young people through movement and reflection. A creative collaborative effort between children, adolescents and therapists (nurses, doctors, educators and physiotherapists) on the one hand, and architects and designers on the other hand will help fulfil this vision.

It is an accepted fact that physical activity during illness promotes healing and health, and the Hospital of Southern Jutland is convinced that, as a hospital, it has an additional obligation to enable the sick citizens to engage in physical activity when they are hospitalized or when they are receiving outpatient check-ups/treatments.

Design School Kolding is participating in the project as a creative sparring partner in order to ensure a high level of visionary innovation. The design school also ensures an integration of the Danish DNA into design of play, and in addition there is a common desire to explore whether the optimal framework for play can contribute to better healing.

It is the designers’ intention that 'Fristedet' should build a bridge into the future with outdoor environments that ensure that sick children, young people and their parents have an opportunity to engage in various indoor as well as outdoor physical activities. Another important aspect is to incorporate both traditional and experimental environments into the project.

The goal of the ‘Fristedet' is for sick children, adolescents, their parents and other relatives to have an outdoor area where they can express themselves physically and where there is also a space for calm and reflection. 'Fristedet' is located at the Children's and Youth Clinic at the Hospital of Southern Jutland in Aabenraa.


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