Social Innovation Project with Aalborg Municipality and the Nursing Homes Otiumgården & Mou Plejecenter


Development project – Lab for Social inclusion
February 2017 - January 2018
Laila Grøn Truelsen
Aalborg Municipality, the nursing homes Otiumgården & Mou
Laila Grøn Truelsen, Sara Breitenbauch, Joan Pedersen, Barnabas Wetton, Richard Herriott

Reduction in the number of unintended events related to forgotten medicine in the care of elderly citizens

Some 53% of all medication errors involve forgotten medicine (2015), a statistic which has major financial and human consequences.

The purpose of the project is to develop drug administration procedures that result in fewer errors, designing solutions that reduce the instances of forgotten medicine.

Goals & progression of the project:
- Mapping the current procedures regarding the administration of medicine at the nursing home - Identifying the barriers and challenges to effective and safe administration of medicine
- Soliciting bids for solutions that ensure effective and safe administration of medicine
- Testing the new procedures at the nursing home Otiumgården
- Implementing the preferred solution at the nursing home Otiumgården and Mou Plejecenter.
- Developing design competencies among employees at the nursing home Otiumgården and Mou Plejecenter as well as among the employees of the Senior Citizens Administration.

By mapping and understanding the existing conditions regarding handling of medication, the issue of "forgotten medicine" can be addressed from several aspects, which can help change the situation for the better.

Through a sense of recognition evident in the solutions the present context can be supported and new approaches to the handling of medicine can be introduced. Design solutions may be within the areas of communication, product, service, strategies, etc. They range from concrete practice to emotional and cultural aspects.


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