Implementation of design projects from DesignCamp2017


Cross-disciplinary educational project, DesignCamp2017, 4th year Danish and international students. Lab for Sustainability
February 2017 – May 2017
Liv Eskholm, Designer and project manager, Head of project implementation, Lab for Sustainability Design School Kolding
Kolding Municipality, The City and Development Administration, Klima og Bæredygtighed (Climate and Sustainability), JazzHouse, PitStop, the Housing Association Bovia, the Nursery School Løvetand, the Brændkjær School, the Cultural Centre Nicolai
Liv Johanne Eskholm, Thomas Zindorf Lagoni, Tobias Tøstesen, Mette Thrane Frandsen
Design professional development work



Problem formulation
Design students and external partners collaborate on developing and maturing eight selected projects created during DesignCamp2017. To what extent is it possible to test the concept in the intended context? What will create value for the partners and the intended recipients? How can we develop and mature the projects to create participation and relevance?

Project objective / purpose
The aim is to increase the focus on genuine value creation in the further development of prototypes in collaboration with external partners and to test prototypes in the context they are intended in order to improve the concepts iteratively, thereby ensuring relevance.

Project methods and results
We develop and mature selected projects and uncover networks related to the concept. Through workshops and happenings involving the community we test the relevance of the concepts and the degree of sustainability. The reactions indicate that the projects create value for the partners and other stakeholders. At the same time we realise that successful and lasting implementation takes time and requires determination, resources and support from multiple parties.

The matured projects

• MADCOOKING: The concept motivates foreigners to learn Danish through cooking and social cross-cultural encounter • THE CHALLENGE: A game that facilitates theme day, where 10th graders design solutions for a better world. • PLANT A SEED: A game for physical play for 3-5 year-olds that promotes children's reflections on waste sorting and recycling. WATER MY CITY. Citizens visualise their own opinion about added value in connection with climate security in their community • . TRASH IS MORE. Process tools create an overview and collaboration about the use of trash as a resource. • PÅWWÅW: Container creates space for sustainable dialogue. • MISSION ONE: A campaign that positively strengthens and recognises sustainable behaviour among citizens. • REMADE AT NICOLAI: Students brand the value of reuse and repair.

The matured projects

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