Kitchen Stories


Project title
Kitchen Stories
Collaboration partner
Skansebakken Care Home
Relationships, Communication, Storytelling, Mobility
Project Management
Design School Kolding

Kitchen Stories

Design School Kolding's Lab for Social Inklusion investigates how the food experience and everything relating to it can be revisited and reinvented at Skansebakken; a care home in Brejning for persons who are severely physically and mentally challenged. Kitchen Stories intends to create better food experiences and a greater sense of joy for the citizens by developing positive stories and relationships.

The citizens at Skansebakken are severely physically and mentally challenged. Many of them cannot eat “regular” food, e.g. cooked vegetables, steaks, etc., but only eat blended foods. How does that affect their food and eating experiences? And what does that mean for the staff and their work procedures and interaction with the citizens?

New holistic solutions
The design team from LAB wants to explore this further by studying functions, activities, social conditions and human relationships at the care home in order to identify the interactions that take place before, during and after the meal. The goal is to come up with design solutions that will benefit both citizens and staff.

The project employs a holistic approach to kitchen stories and food experiences and the goal is to discover the potential purpose of and connection between all the Skansebakken kitchens.

In the course of the project the LAB team will conduct a number of workshops at and with the care home. The workshops will be followed up by observations and interviews, analyses and prototypes.

Design School Kolding repeats the success
This is not the first time that the Design School Kolding LAB for Social Inclusion works with Skansebakken. In 2012-2013 the school collaborated with Skansebakken, Vejle Municipality and the National Board of Social Services on the project Designing Relations; a project that focused on providing citizens at Skansebakken with more and better relationships with the surrounding community.

Designing Relations won the KL Innovation Award in 2013.