Sustainable Clothing for Babies


Project type
Research project
Project period
Project management
Vibeke Riisberg, Associate Professor, PhD
Collaboration partners
Danish Ministry of Business and Growth; University of Southern Denmark; PlanMiljø
Participating from Design School Kolding
Vibeke Riisberg, Associate Professor, PhD; Louise Ravnløkke, PhD Student; Anna-Mamusu Sesay, PhD Student


Sustainable Clothing for Babies

Design School Kolding is part of a research and development project called ‘VIGGA’. It is a new business concept that offers a baby clothing subscription service, promoting sustainability through shared economy.

The project studies parent’s conception of the service and fashion within this context as well as laundry habits and reception of the design aesthetics offered by the company. Furthermore, we conduct practice based research developing new designs in order to test how best to meet the high requirements of use, maintenance and ‘shared’ aesthetics by the users of a subscription service.

The project is ongoing and will be completed in 2016.


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