DesignCamp2017 - Sustainable Action & Entrepreneurship

Design School Kolding
Year of publication

For two weeks, 54 Danish and International students worked in cross-disciplinary teams on 13 different projects creating sustainable prosperity within society. The results were specific products, changes of existing habits, mindsets, and new ways of communicating sustainable practices of living, eating, learning and transporting oneself. DesignCamp2017 gave the students an understanding of the importance of not only creating ideas but also creating actions. Based on current observations and future scenarios addressing global sustainable challenges, the students created specific projects that activated meaningful sustainable changes with user focus as a given precondition.

Partners: Kolding Kommune, By- og Udviklingsforvaltningen, Klima og Bæredygtighed. Sprogskolen Kolding. Børnehaven Løvetand, Brændkjærskolen, Kulturhuset Nicolai, Rema 1000, Wheeley, Datariet, Bedre Brug af Byggeaffald, Agerland, Kolding Madhjælp.