The Highways and Byways to Radical innovation

Practical and theoretical inspiration for how to innovate through design
Design School Kolding
Year of publication

Several features link design and innovation: They share a strong focus in terms of novelty and the creative processes associated with imagining and creating opportunities for the future. In the anthology Highways & Byways to Radical Innovation – Design Perspectives a number of international researchers explore current issues in this strong and lasting nexus between innovation and design. Contributors identify and reflect on opportunities, pitfalls, paradoxes, methods and models, when working with far-reaching change and radical innovation and the contribution of design.

Each of the authors who have contributed to this anthology has taken her/his own road to highlight dynamics, challenges and prospects associated with radical innovation and change, and the anthology contains a mix of cases and examples of designers collaborating and co-creating with users in many different contexts to develop unique and creative solution. The anthology concludes with an overview.

Poul Rind Christensen, Eva Heiskanen, Sampsa Hyysalo, Mikko Jalas, Birgit Helene Jevnaker, Sabine Junginger, Jouni K. Juntunen, Raimo Lovio, Mette Mikkelsen, Cordy Swope, Elizabeth B. -N. Sanders, Mikael Scherdin, Roberto Verganti, Martin Wooley, Åsa Öberg.

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