Making LOL that Make you Smile, Laugh, Wonder, Reflect and Share with Others

I earn my living by making LOL for the Internet (preferably something with kittens) that make you smile, laugh, wonder, reflect, share with others or that provoke you. It works because I analyse my audience and design specifically for it. I am also adept at using the technical and social mechanisms on social media.

I have worked with Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, SAS, the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, The X Factor, Snickers, the National Gallery of Denmark and others.

I chose Design School Kolding because I knew I wanted to create something, but I did not know what.

Snapchat: Rasmus makes a bundle on what the rest of us consider a pastime
Nutty videos, creative drawing skills and humour are the key ingredients in Rasmus Kolbe’s working life. His videos on the app Snapchat are being viewed by 60,000 people a day, and that makes him one of the highest paid Danes on social media. In a profile in the Danish daily Jyllands-Posten in November 2016 Rasmus Straka and Kristian K. Jørgensen write among other things that Rasmus Kolbe – also known as Lakserytteren (the Salmon Rider) – is the only Dane who has made the app his primary career.

He himself attributes his success to the fact that he has crazy ideas and is not afraid to make mistakes; he also loves to be on line. He is not quite sure what the future holds. He hopes to continue working with social media and marketing. The television media could also be an exciting option, but there is a small problem. ”It could be cool to work for DR Ultra – but I am bigger than they are,” he explains.

Instead Rasmus Kolbe has his sights set on the world beyond Denmark. In addition to his Danish Snapchat profile Kolbe has successfully launched the English language profile HelloRasmus. Here his snaps are viewed by approximately 30,000 people a day and as a result he has just won the international award “Story Teller of the Year” in the Snapchat competition The Ghosties.

”When we grab hold of a guy like Rasmus Kolbe it’s because he is considerably better at telling stories than we are,” says Peter Svejgaard, Chief of Social Media for the travel agency Spies Rejser, to Jyllands- Posten.

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