Mød de nye modetalenter

Med showet ’La Grande Finale’ indtager de nye modetalenter fra Designskolen Kolding catwalken under Copenhagen Fashion Week

Nyudklækkede, kandidat-uddannede designere er det hjerteblodet, der ufortrødent holder modens hjerterytme i fast trav. Men hjerteblod har brug for at flyde og designere har brug for anerkendelse.
Derfor matchmaker Future of Fashion denne sæson designere med etablerede aktører i modebranchen samtidig med, at de unge designere får mulighed for at vise kreationer og sig selv frem for et stort internationalt publikum. For alles og fremtidens bedste.

19 unge afgangsstuderende fra både Designskolen Kolding (DSKD) og Det Kongelige Danske Kunstakademis Skoler for Arkitektur, Design og Konservering (KADK) trippede spændt bag kulisserne, da catwalken fyldtes af kreationer begået af de 19 sæt unge fødder. 

Stjernerne kommer
De er stjernerne i den forestilling, der bliver kaldt ”Future of Fashion – La Grande Finale”. La Grande Finale er todelt.
Allerede en time inden modellerne træder ud på catwalken trykker designerne hænder med særligt indbudte gæster fra mode- og erhvervslivet. Det skal lette transitionen fra studerende til færdiguddannet modeskaber. Her viser designerne portfolier, looks og kollektioner, hvor særligt indbudte brandejere, designere og andre modefolk kan byde ind med viden, erfaringer, sparring og ikke mindst blive inspireret af nye og anderledes tanker hos de unge designere. 


FUTURE OF FASHION er arrangeret af Lifestyle & Design Cluster i samarbejde med Designskolen Kolding og Det Kongelige Danske Kunstakademis Skoler for Arkitektur, Design og Konservering samt WEAR/Dansk Erhverv, Dansk Fashion og Textile (DM&T), CIFF og Kopenhagen Fur. 

Deltagere fra Designskolen Kolding:

Camilla Gravlund Henriksen: She is an example of how curiosity and passion focused on one specific technique can lead to a complete result of a collection. Her MA work is centered around one specific fabric manipulation technique, that she uses to create a visual expression in her collection that reflects a handcrafted value on all levels. With her choice of bright and shiny color combinations she succeeds with her intention of bringing one more slice of happiness into the world. Camilla is an ambitious and forward looking designer ready to enter the world. 

Maria Isabella Kuusela: Her work captures the beauty and problematics of female aging with naturalness and ease, in a collection that represents her and her aesthetics as a fashion designer. She has an outstanding sense for color, textiles and tactility, elements she combines in an evocative coherent universe that proves her capacity as a fashion designer. The collection speaks quietly in its expression, but it shouts in the willingness to be worn. 

Karoline Louise Benedikt Lange-Engel: She epitomizes the philosophical driven forward-looking fashion designer. With her MA work she creates a collection that reflects her idea of an interdependent global culture that blurs the boarders between religion, countries and social status. Karoline is working with thoroughness, staying true to her vision of a homogeneous collective feeling in her collection. By combining and merging different cultural items of dress into each garment and merging this expression with her own design signature she unfolds a thorough and well-balanced collection.

Maja Knezevic Birmancevic: "I want to draw attention to the poor living conditions in my homeland Bosnia and Herzegovina and send a message about the passivity of our society. There must be no waiting for improvement, we need to improve! The collection wishes to awaken thought by illustrating the transformation from a passive to an active stage. Fashion is everywhere and is available to everyone. I think fashion should use its power and contribute to society. I want to be part of the sustainable fashion show and let the clothes carry messages - not just create beautiful clothes."

Yunting Tsai: "In my project, I explore the boundaries between workwear and leisure wear. By mixing key elements and details of the cookie uniform with bowling clothes, I have tried to create a gray zone that holds both a professional and a fun atmosphere. With the link between the formal and the legendary collection, the collection contains clear references to the digital nomad's lifestyle where work and leisure join together."

Olly van Huizen: "In this project, I explore sports and outdoor clothing as inspiration for a legendary semi-sculptural female collection that uses cords as a continuous element. Dragging the strings affects the silhouette and surface of the fabric and causes unexpected shapes in the fabric. In this way, I seek to surprise myself during the design process. I have used a heat press, laser cutting and plotter cutting to create my own technical solutions. The result is a collection that expresses a sense of adventures combined with a feminine expression. I use comfortable fabrics like jersey and cotton combined with materials that create a different surface and softness like light reflective material, light blocking fabric and paper-like fabric."

Hanne Yoo: "The collection explores how we as people, today, are highly dependent on digital devices. Our digitalized identity is an inevitability when our medical journals are archived on the World Wide Web, mailings has become e-mail and texting, and account transactions all are made online. We live our lives through the internet, social media and self-created profiles where we gather information about the world but not at least about each other. But is our ”Instagram”-filtered, online identity a true representation of our real self? Whereas ”clothes” would normally ”make the man”, today, it is rather our digitalized version of ourselves that defines us. With that also comes the sense of control of what is exposed and what is hidden. With inspiration from spy-movies such as ”Spione” by Fritz Lang, undercover stasi-agents and glitch-apps I am giving my interpretation of a digitalized persona. The objective of the collection is to challenge the viewer to question what is manipulated and what is real."

Ewa Polkowska: I n v i s i b l e w o r l d collection was inspired by incredible rare flowers and Rob Kesseler’s art work. He was using a variety of microscope techniques to catch the beauty of wild orchids. I wanted to focus about the inner beauty of everything what is surround us and is not visible to our eyes, could be any small detail and the story behind. The collection is combination of ready to wear and unique, hand-crafted garments. Fresh, light and contemporary look showing the hidden beauty in innovative textiles. My motivation from the beginning was focused on new fabrics to show how many opportunities we have as a designer and how much we can change in the future in fashion industry by choosing the right fabrics. The collection has a sustainable aspect and was made of recycled bottles, old clothes and milk fiber.

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