Meet Manos Kasapakis

Meet a Design for Play student

NAME: Manos Kasapakis
AGE: 28
EDUCATION: MA in Design for Play

Use five words to describe the Design for Play programme:
new – open – curious – unique – journey

Why did you choose this particular MA programme?
Because I feel this is a challenge for my personal career which has the potentials to broaden my skills and my point of view. And I say challenge because of the unconventional objective of the programme which is in line with my belief that play is a misunderstood term for adult users often perceived as pure entertainment and fun dedicated only for kids and infants.

What has been your biggest learning experience in the programme so far?
That play is not only about fun. A second equally one could be the principle of doing one thing well.

Where and how do you think that you and other play designers will be able to make a difference?
Play is a broad term that can include various fields but if I have to think about one particular area this could be within the field of adults play experiences and games, which play designers can really make the difference by using the tools of play so as to create experiences of interaction and engagement but also stories of concern.

What would be your ideal job and what impact do you want to make in the world?
I really would like to work for nonprofit /public / private institutions. I want to use play as a medium to improve the quality of the living standards of the communities / people around the world.

If you were to recommend Design School Kolding to a friend, what would you say? What are its strong suits and how does it distinguish itself from other schools?
Well, I would say that is a school which focus on the specific talents of the students, allowing them to express them through work with other students from different backgrounds in an unconfined way. In my opinion, one of the strengths of the school which I appreciate a lot is that the courses are linked to the real world of business. Not to mention the fact that the environment is not typical of an educational institution, I definitely say that it’s like a creative hub with a sense of intimacy, adding to this I would say the different teaching approach of the courses that is more than obvious from the very first time and makes this school one of its kind.