Meet Søren Skøtt

Meet Søren Skøtt, Head of Design at Ledon, Play Partner in the Design for Play programme

Why is the Design for Play programme relevant?
Design for Play is relevant to us because it brings credibility and integrity to the value of play. Play is often dismissed as something you don’t have to take seriously, because it’s ‘just’ play. But the value of play is important – both as a catalyst for children’s natural development but also for the way adults think and learn later in life. It is through play that we grow as human beings.

How do you see the potential for a Design for Play student?
A person who understands how to design for play is able to discover and reveal the correlation between actions and play and therefore holds the potential to make the world a better place. Noting less.

What exciting challenges can a Design for Play student/designer help solve?
The link between design and play is a natural continuation of what we do as producers of play experiences. In a world where play experiences are no longer divided into physical acts of play and digital play experiences, it becomes a challenge to design experiences that merge these two worlds while preserving the very essence of the nature of play.

What do you as a company gain from collaborating with the Design for Play programme?
New insights and fun play experiences combined with easy access to potential new employees.