The future is (bio)logical

Not one but two Design School Kolding projects are in the running for a Danish Design Award. Both are deeply enmeshed in materials studies.

Seaweed, reeds and maculated leather scraps. Iconic furniture classics. Lapping waves and screeching seagulls along Danish shores. And a world pressed for resources. Those are some of the elements in the project ECCO SEALO, a collaboration between shoe manufacturer ECCO and a group of students from Design School Kolding, which has gone straight to the final of the Danish Design Award in the ’Visionary Concepts’ category. The jury said:

-Reuse of materials is just as important for shoes as for clothes. About 300 million pairs of shoes are thrown away every year. ECCO’s collaboration with Design School Kolding will address the challenge from a Danish design and craftsmanship perspective and is thus an important basis for long-term solutions.

Textile student Maria Viftrup is also part of the awards race. Her love of materials and concern for the environment motivated her to create the art project ’Temporary Archive of Object Ecosystems’ – an interactive experience consisting of small bioplastic figurines that can be combined in various ways. Using the figurines Maria builds a frame for a particularly sensory dialogue forum, which people are then invited to join into. The starting point is to build sculptures of the figurines together, which often leads into a conversation about materials, consumption and product lifespan. The jury stated:

-Maria Viftrup combines an artistic expression with exploration of materials and provides a new and refreshing approach to what a product can be. It is truly original and can initiate a conversation about a complex topic. Viftrup represents the artistic side of Danish design education and we are on the verge of an art project here. It is an introduction to design through materials culture and a splendid example of how Danish design’s DNA is embedded in the next generation of designers. Maria Viftrup is nominated in the category ’Young Talent’.

The awards will be held in Industriens Hus, Copenhagen, on Monday May 13.

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