Fashion SEEDS - Fashion Societal, Economic & Environmental Design-led Sustainability


Project type
FashionSEEDS is a 3-year Strategic EU-funded Partnership
Project period
September 1st 2018 - July 31st 2021
Collaboration Partners

UAL - London College of Fashion
Politecnico di Milano
Estonian Academy of Arts
Design School Kolding

About the project

The project aims to develop a holistic framework for design-led fashion education and practice supporting sustainability across levels and locations. It further aims to develop teaching & learning practices, methodologies, tools & resources for open source learning environments free of charge and accessible to all interested parties.


We live in times of unprecedented environmental and social change and we sit at a crossroads. Radical change is needed a cross all sectors. This project address the need for change in how we teach fashion, textiles and accessories in order to support sustainable development in the fashion sector.

Methods and results

The project consists of a number of partprojects, whereof the first, a benchmark report, examines current best practices and current needs internationally through surveys and interviews with Higher Instition staff and company employess (published November 2019) (report available below as PDF).

Each part project employs a variety of methods for generating data hereunder interviews and surveys; mappings and visualisations; prototyping and tests with user groups. Other outputs will be a Framework for rebuilding curriculum, a learning resource repository, concrete learning and teaching tools and a digital platform, wherefrom the content can be easily accessed and applied by teachers in fashion, textile and accessory education broadly.