Ph.d.forsvar af Anne Corlin

Research focusing on the interconnections between the physical and the social place
01. november
Auditorium, Designskolen Kolding

The PhD studies public urban places on edge between deprived housing neighbourhoods and the surrounding city in Denmark. It investigates how different actors, their behaviour, their perceptions or their configuration influence a place, and how design can be integrated into the social sustainable development of public urban places.

The research studies pivotal design parameters that affect a public urban place, and how design can empower the involvement of citizens and thus, how design can support social sustainable development of public urban places.


13.00 Welcome, Eva Brandt
13.10 Anne Corlin presents her PhD thesis
13.40 Examination, Associate Professor, Søren Bolvig Poulsen, Aalborg University
14.10 Break
14.30 Examination, Professor, Ramia Mazé, Aalto University, Finland
15.00 Examination Associate Professor, Anne Louise Bang, Design School Kolding
15.30 Possible questions from the audience
16.00 The end