Project type
Research project
Project period
Project management
Anne Louise Bang, Associate Professor, PhD
Collaboration partners
University of Southern Denmark + several companies
Participating from Design School Kolding
Anne Louise Bang, Associate Professor, PhD


Design as Competition Parameter

for Danish Sub-suppliers

The project considers design in a network perspective. It breaks with the assumption that design takes places in and is controlled by the individual organization. It also incorporates a design concept that breaks with traditional perception of design as a finite design of materials and technology. It regards design as a platform for collaboration between material-technology and constructional-technical domains – in this case between sub-suppliers and clients. The project embraces specialized knowledge and concepts from interaction design and industrial design. This means that the sub-suppliers, as part of the project, will learn to use new technology within the field of industrial design. This is a three-year project and will be completed in 2016.

The project is supported by The Danish Industry Foundation.