Fur and Sustainability


Project type
Research project
Project period
Project management
Else Skjold, Assistent Professor, PhD, Project coordinator
Collaboration partners
Kopenhagen Fur
Participating from Design School Kolding
Else Skjold, Assistent Professor, PhD, Project coordinator; Karen Marie Hasling, Postdoc, PhD; Ulla Ræbild, Assistent Professor, PhD; Sisse Tanderup, Postdoc, PhD; Lykke Bloch Kjær, Head of LAB for Sustainability; Maja Lindstrøm Hansen, Project Worker



Fur and Sustainability

This is a research project in collaboration with Kopenhagen Fur, which, from a design research perspective, applies four different angles to fur and sustainability (user, designs, memory, and material). The project includes a user-oriented study specifically targeted at the use of fur and towards creating a better understanding of the meaning of fur in the consumer’s wardrobe.

The researchers working on the project have recently completed their Ph.D.’s at Design School Kolding within the field and thus add fresh knowledge and methods to the project.

The goal of the project is to create new knowledge about sustainability in textile and fashion seen from a broader perspective. In 2015, we also completed a study into the DNA of Kopenhagen Fur. In 2016 we intend to finish two projects that will contribute to the knowledge about fur and sustainability in a broader perspective.