Sustainability and Business Understanding


Project type
Research and Development
Project period
Project management
Lykke Bloch Kjær, Project Manager Lab for Sustainability
Participating from Design School Kolding
Lykke Bloch Kjær, Project Manager Lab for Sustainability; Silje Kamille Friis, Associate Professor, PhD; Eva Kappel, Lecturer

Sustainability and Business Understanding

The research project is part of a design based artistic development project formulated by Sustainable Disruptions, which explores and develops opportunities for companies to grow and develop sustainably. Based on ‘design thinking’ the project ‘Sustainable Disruptions’ has developed approaches for how to help small and medium sized companies create long-term growth through sustainable development.

The objective of the development project is twofold: One is to investigate the methods, tools, and approaches from a research perspective, addressing the overall question of how sustainable transformation is achieved at the level of the individual, the team, the organization, and the community and disseminating the findings in peer-reviewed publications.

We conduct the research in relation to the already developed approaches, interviewing actors from existing cases and, if possible, conducting a case study in the making process.